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…a music & dance collective of considerable depth and experience, presenting active, rich, and finished collaborations.  Together and independently, group members have spent their lives committed to innovation and excellence in the areas of sound and motion.  Our concerts unite improvisation and composition in a blend that insures exciting, one-of-a-kind performances that have received strong, positive responses from our audiences. 

compostQ • Dorothy Martirano (violin), Erik Lund (trombone), Armand Beaudoin (double bass), Ricardo Flores (percussion), together with dancers Kirstie Simson, Momar Ndiaye, and Shannon Stewart.

Former members of compostQ include Tamin Totzke (dance), Yu-Chen Wang (gu-zheng), Chris Reyman (accordion),         Morgan Powell (trombone).

live video from concerts:

video from Roulette Intermedium, New York City 2011     includes footage of concert and an interview

video from Roosevelt University 2013     duo improvisation: lund - trbn. & wang - gu-zheng

live audio from concerts:

improvisation           full ensemble

3up3down (lund)      martirano - vln., lund - trbn., beaudoin - bass

gu-zheng solo          yu-chen wang


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